So wordpress people want you pretty bad to install “Jetpack” and thereby connect your wordpress site to the wordpress dot com universe.

One thing it will do for you is put “share” buttons on the bottom of all your posts so the facebooks and googles of the world can track your visitors, which, no thank you. Anybody I care about reading this is capable of sharing a thing onto social media without having a special spy button there to do it.

I’m looking around the plugin (because it will give you stats, and that’s nice) and it seems to be full of attempted upsells (I guess I should get used to that in the wordpress plugin world), and generally ways to tie your site to the wordpress dot com borg. :\

I mean, if I wanted to be dependent on a benevolent overlord for my infrastructure I’d just post on facebook.

I don’t know man.

I guess one nice thing about it is that it’s made by the wordpress team themselves, so, it’s most likely going to be more on-top-of-it securitywise than some plugin from Johnny Rando, however nice that might be.

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