And why not?  It’s there for me.  I don’t have to be too cool for WordPress.  Last time I decided I was too cool for wordpress I trashed an art blog I’d put years of work into, thinking I’d put something better up to replace it, and I never did. Kind of self-destructive.

Still, I’m keeping wordpress here in a subdirectory of my domain, in case I decide it has to go, or I want to mess with something else instead.  I hear good things about the CMS Known, and I even set it up.  It was kind of cool.  Very Indieweb-focused.

Hearing about the Indieweb movement was in fact what motivated me to go reinstall WordPress and give it a fling.  It seems  like a really spiffy idea.  I might activate some relevant plugins/themes for it and see how they go. the

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